I help Marketing Experts
put the final touches on their
Thought Leadership Content.

What I do for my clients

help my clients turn their audio and video recordings into multiple pieces of content.

All of this is done remotely using a streamlined workflow that makes the entire process feel easy.

I allow my clients to hit record, share their files, and know that the rest is taken care of.

My Areas of Expertise:


- Recording Optimisation

- Audio Repair and Restoration

- Audio Editing and Mixing

- Video Editing and Motion Graphics

- Video Posts for Social Media

Client Feedback

"I have worked with Richard on launching my agency's podcast, and he has been a brilliant partner to work with. In addition to doing the editing, he has given me a lot of valuable input on how to improve the overall quality of the recordings. The difference in quality is huge after starting working with him. Richard has also started helping me on other projects such as creating audiograms and editing videos. I would highly recommend Richard if you need a skilled editor for your podcast, video etc."


Thorstein Nordby

Managing Director at Nettly (Norway)

"Richard consulted on podcast sound quality, transitions and audio effects, as well as created audiograms for our social media and YouTube channels. We've worked together before, and he continues to bring integrity, excellence and a great sense of humour to our collaboration! Richard is very honest, and a pleasure to work with. Thanks to him, we've gotten much better feedback and engagement on our podcast. I can't recommend him enough!"


Rosella Age

Reel Fun Times (Dubai)

"Richard offers a lot more than and goes beyond what is expected. He is always ready to consult on his areas of expertise and communicates regularly on the project at hand. On top of producing high-quality work, he takes a genuine interest to offer the best outcome on all aspects of the work. Highly recommended for jobs with respect to audio production and other related fields."


Sukhraj Singh

Sikh Archive (Denmark)


My minimum monthly engagement starts at 500-1000 USD.

This pricing bracket is based on my most popular weekly deliverables:


1 x Video Episode with Subtitles

1 x Podcast Episode

1 x Transcript

3 x Social Media Video Posts


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