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Recording your Podcast with Riverside

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Services like Zoom and Skype simply weren't designed to record your audio and video content in a high-quality format. Take your content's quality to the next level, start recording with Riverside today.



What is Riverside? What quality can you expect?

Riverside vs Squadcast vs Zencastr

Important notes when using Riverside

Give Riverside a try

Need some recording tips?

Podcast Recording in Riverside

What is Riverside?

Riverside is a web-based platform that allows you to record your interviews in high-quality audio and video formats. Most importantly, the recording quality doesn't rely on the stability of your internet connection like it would with Zoom or Skype.


What quality can you expect?

Riverside offers uncompressed 16-bit audio and video resolutions up to 4k. All of this delivered as either separate or composed tracks. To get an idea of the quality you can expect, have a look at this video I recorded with their Head of Marketing, Abel Grunfeld.


Riverside vs Squadcast vs Zencastr

When it comes to remote recordings, it's safe to say that Riverside is ahead of the game.

Have a look at these comparisons with their competition.


Important notes when using Riverside

  • Hosting must take place in a Google Chrome browser.

  • Additional participants must join your studio using either a Chrome browser or Riverside's iOS app.

  • Though the recording quality doesn't rely on a stable internet connection, you will still require a connection to conduct, record and upload your recordings.

  • When you stop your recording, make sure you and your guests stay in the session until your recordings are uploaded to your dashboard. Riverside uploads these recordings while you conduct your interview, this usually doesn't take too long.


Improve your podcast recordings today

Sign up for Riverside's Free Trial and give it a try for yourself.


Need some recording tips?

Check out this video where I compare the differences in quality between a laptop mic, a webcam, an iPhone and an external microphone.


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